Thank you, Kelly!

“This woman is amazing!!! She is kind, empathetic, and she LISTENED and HEARD my needs, wants, and concerns. I went to her looking for a rental, and by the time I came to her, I was already cutting close to my dead-line, I was stressed out, tired, frustrated, and had dealt with agent after agent with less than stellar experiences. Anna saw a glimpse of that, and despite my own slight of sarcasm, she began desperately trying to help me find a home. I was really taken aback by her kindness, professionalism, and her tenacious take-initiative-attitude. She really epitomizes the defining characteristic between just an agent and a realtor. She set aside her own desires to actually listen to me and she met all of my needs in a rental! It’s perfect, thank you so much, Anna! Since I plan to purchase properties very soon, I hope that I can retain Anna for that as well, I mean how could I not after all of that!? Now I have peace of mind, and THAT is priceless!”

— written July 2018 by Kelly Marie